Not One Federal Reserve Note

Posted on this Friday the 13th day of June 2014 in Honor of My Mother Lillian Marguerite McKee Wilks, a First Grade School teacher for 25 years. Also posted in Honor of Bob’s mother, Lillian, one of the eldest living Western Shoshone Women of the many unsatisfied and broken treaties!

Please help Redeem and Restore George Washington’s marred pale white face with Is Real “Lawful Money” solutions. Become the solution for everlasting peace and harmony with America’s Gold & Silver Coin Clause according to our USA Constitution’s Article I Section 10 MAN DATES! Please help save our Republics for which they stand one with another in Truth and Justice!

For those that seek to help in this matter of substance, please contact me at the following location: Cecilia Wilks, P.O. Box 615, Caliente, Nevada 89008.

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