Quantum Mechanics of Cosmos


The phenomenon of “vibration” as it pertains to “life,” “light,” “Consciousness,” “multidimensionality,” and ”time-space continuum,” has been discussed from a fundamental seat of understanding with clear reference to vibration mechanics of matter, clarifying such commonly used terms in modern spiritual science such as “frequency,” ”resonance,” ”harmonic convergence,” etc. It is hoped that via publication of this article those without a modicum exposure to mechanics and theory of vibration of matter would gain a more comfortable stance in understanding the basic vernacular of cosmos and spirituality.

Introduction: Fundamentals of ‘Vibration’

  • Every “thing” in the multi universe, be it inanimate or “alive,” has a unique identifying characteristic signature known as ‘Natural Frequency.’ Everything is Vibration-Energy
  • The natural frequency is inversely proportional to the square root of the weight [mass or density] of the object.
  • The denser the matter, the higher is mass, the more weight in a gravitational field.
  • The higher the mass, the…

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