IMF world bank etc are just tools for the old order of things.

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The Nicaraguan representative said that today the U.S. threatens Venezuela, but tomorrow it could be anywhere else in Latin America.

Nicaragua’s Representative to the United Nations ​has called on all countries in Latin America and the Caribbean to reject the “unacceptable” United States aggression against Venezuela.

“In the region we cannot permit attacks against a sister republic, wherever they are from. Because today it’s Venezuela, and tomorrow it could be anywhere else, as history has demonstrated,” Maria Rubiales said during the 59th Session of the Commission of the Status of Women.

According to the Nicaraguan official, all international organizations and regional integration mechanisms should denounce the threats U.S. President Barack Obama made in handing out fresh sanctions and declaring Venezuela a threat to “national security.”

“It is absurd and unreal what Obama put forward, how Venezuela could constitute an unusual and extraordinary threat for the United States,” Rubiales said.

“The planet…

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