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eireport_blog_logo_green_blue_2A message from the ÉirePort Group, which is quite different in tone from the standard “GaiaPortal” posts.

“Our function, as the ÉirePort Group, is to communicate to those with eyes to see and ears to hear and hearts to comprehend the breadth and fullness of our messages. We are also here to alert the planetary Hue-Beings to imminent and important planetary changes…

“The rise in frequencies of this collective planetary body, called “Earth”… has… been relatively constant… This is about to change… drastically.

“…hu-being and Hue-Being consciousness… has been rising at an unexpectedly… high rate. This is… speeding up the awakening of all, and increasing the planetary vibration to such an extent, that a strongly “perceived” breakout is poised to occur… it is very, very close.

“We can only suggest that each of you go within and ask your Higher Self how to best prepare for this “breakout” moment.”


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