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Editor note: This has been confirmed — personally. This is why most important video’s are downloaded to the scannedretina site directly. -arnie, just one of the sovereigns.

23JUN16 – *** PUBLIC NOTICE*** : Arnie Rosner: Declaration of Civil Status | Scanned Retina – A Resource for the People!

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Suppression of Videos is alive and well at YouTube!

A YouTube link to a video is like a library reference card number.

In a library it gives the exact location of a book and in reference to a video link, the video’s exact location for viewing.

Caught YouTube (Google) in their data manipulation yesterday. I can not emphasize enough the importance to know they are doing this.

Suppression is accomplished through two methods:

StartFragment1. The first being a redaction of the view count. If the viewers of YouTube are…

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