Genocide should not be in the 21st century

Kate of Gaia

“Palestine Finds Legal Loophole, State of Israel Doomed”

“July 26th, 2016 AP newswire UK: Palestine Finds Legal Loophole, State of Israel Doomed
One legal loophole that will bring Israel to its non-existent LEGAL knees
After years of unrelenting bombing and killing of the Palestinian people with Israel hiding behind the legal skirt of the U.N. and defying all attempts to see logic and reason, Israel will soon be forced to relinquish its illegal status with recent uncoverings by numerous members within this initiative to remove the iron fist that has left people to be bombed and shot in the streets and then branded “terrorists” for daring to fight back with less than stone age means.
Since 1917 and the issuance of the illegal document “The Balfour Declaration” that created the fictional “legal state only” on paper that was to be backed illegally and unlawfully at gunpoint with the British invasion…

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