Georgia has better law coded in their books on Grand Jury, Citizens arrest, and accountability for public funds. Great Americans here in this presentation.

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Issuing Judge of restraining order Complicit?

Does this judge (who according to comments attributed to Ms. Lawson, by Judge Nally (retired)),  seems to know how the system works…


District Attorney

Welcome to the Clayton County District Attorney’s Office.  I am very proud to serve the citizens and represent victims of crime in Clayton County.  At the District Attorney’s Office, we are committed to achieving justice for our county’s most vulnerable residents.  We work tirelessly to hold offenders accountable and protect victims.  Committed to upholding the laws and statutes of Georgia, while working closely with our police and communities to develop strategies to prevent crimes before they occur.   It is my goal to make Clayton County even more safe, and to ensure our justice system upholds the highest standards of fairness.As you will see from our Web pages, the prosecution of crimes takes many…

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